Wednesday 18th April


What grim weather we are having at the moment.

This morning, my barometer was as low as I have ever seen it since we moved to Bampton 9 years ago.

Also my Otheometer was as high as I have ever seen it.

What’s an Otheometer you ask?

 I got mine from Barometer World which is well worth a visit if in the area.

An early customer was a farmer chappie.

He said it was a Blackthorn Winter at the moment.

In Britain, the spring weather follows a fairly consistent pattern.  The warmer days of March tend to be followed by a short cold spell.  This cold snap coincides with the flowering of the blackthorn, hence its country name: the Blackthorn Winter.

Yesterday a courier was redirected to us by a customer as he could not find their home to deliver a passport. Evidently the courier was out down the lanes around Oakford and panicked when his Satnav could not help him. When he called to find the directions he said “I’m driving down this lane and there are fields on both sides”.

Maybe he has never been in the countryside before!

We do get some obscure phone calls in the Post Office.

Today the phone rang “Hello, when my son comes in for some money can you tell him not to forget to buy some biscuits”.

Evidently Jersey Royals have arrived in Tesco…at £7 a kilo.

You can buy them in Bampton Fruit & Veg for under £4 a kilo.

A good reason to shop locally.

No doubt next week Tesco will be selling them for £3.50 and claiming they are HALF PRICE to con the gullible supermarket customers.

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