Thursday 19th April


Only 250 days to Christmas.

Hope you have bought your stamps before the price increase in 10 days’ time.

This morning was a bit fraught at the start of the day.

I was trying to update the Brittany Ferry website with passenger information for our forthcoming Bampton Twinning Association visit to Normandy and every time I submitted the changes the message ‘website unavailable’ popped up. It was very annoying after the fourth time.

One of our two counter computers was faulty and the engineer arrived to fix it.

The installation of the new processor took over an hour so I had to serve the customers from the one computer. Yes, of course, all of our ‘slowest’ customers came in.

We had a customer trying to pay a bill using a budget card….I had forgotten the budgetcard system was not available due to maintenance so wasted time there.

Another customer came to fill out a claim form for a delayed parcel to Sweden which I ended up doing for them.

Another lady wanted me to put stamps on all of her parcels rather than the normally quicker route of labels. She also asked to buy some of the current pictorial stamps as well as many second class stamps before the price rise.

I got them all out then she decided she didn’t have enough money to pay so we had to decide which stamps to put back so she could afford it.

Another couple of our slower customers also appeared.

The ones that take ages to find their bank cards then take several attempts to put the card into the pin pad correctly. Following this they take a few tries to get the pin number correct.

What should be a less than 30 second transaction can quite easily take almost 10 minutes.

Patience is a virtue.

No wonder there are queues in Post Offices!

One customer came in and asked if we had a card to celebrate a 3rd wedding anniversary.

I know it’s a major achievement for some couples to manage to get to three years but it’s not exactly a major milestone.

Thinking about it now – I don’t think they would  be congratulating someone on the anniversary of their third wedding!

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