Friday 20th April


There was a bit of a kerfuffle in Brook Street early this afternoon.

Initially when I peered out of the window I thought someone was ram-raiding Costcutter.

The term Ram-Raid came into widespread use after a series of such raids in Belfast in 1979 that was covered in news reports and in countries such as Australia that inspired a series of similar crimes.

Somehow this elderly gentleman managed to press the wrong pedal in his car and crash into the wall of the house next to Costcutter. Luckily no one was hurt and the local garage was summoned to tow the vehicle away.

The weather is still cold and wet.

One of first customers this morning said he had been speaking to a roofer last night and had said that snow was forecast over the weekend.

I asked “How high is this roof he is to be working on?”

One of the regular requests from our customers is “Can I check my balance please?”

I am dying to answer “Put your arms out straight, close your eyes and stand on one leg then touch your nose with your finger!”  One day…

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