Tuesday 24th April


Roy’s got a new van.

Roy set up his garage business in Shillingford 20 years ago, shortly after I moved into Shillingford myself.

About 2 years ago he moved into new premises in the Bampton Industrial Estate, retaining the name Shillingford Garage.

He has now renamed the company ‘Bampton MOT & Service Centre’ to ensure the customers come to Bampton rather than drive out to Shillingford searching for a garage to no avail.

The new livery on the van is very smart and shiny.

For an hour or so this morning we played the game ‘Watch out for the Traffic Enforcer’.

He comes along to upset our customers by moving them along when they double park outside the shops in Brook St while they pop into the Post office, Butchers, Fruit & Veg, Fish & Chip shop or Costcutter.

The road is so wide outside the Post Office that double parking does not cause a problem but according to enforcement chap, I am told, he comes out to Bampton when someone complains to the council.

I wish these interfering complainers would understand that if the parking in Brook St is changed all the shops would lose some trade.

One of the big selling points of Bampton is the various shops and facilities which is presumably why they moved here in the first place. We don’t need big city rules in sleepy Bampton.

Forgot to mention yesterday that we went to a Quiz night at the Swan in aid of the Bampton Community First Responders.

Relevant ambulance service trusts train local volunteers in first aid skills and life saving techniques within communities that are geographically far enough away from ambulance stations to affect the ambulance crew response times and relay the treatment of casualties following life threatening illnesses or injuries.

Bampton is over 10 miles away from its nearest ambulance station – in Tiverton which covers a wide area with often only one ambulance and one response car crewed by a paramedic.

I made a bit of a faux pas late in the day.

A customer asked for a proof of posting for their parcel.

I typed in the post code and the building name – GLEN FARM.

I printed it off the computer and as was handing to the customer I noticed I had actually typed GLEN FART.

Easy mistake!

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