Thursday 26th April


People call in the Post Office with all sorts of leaflets and brochures expecting us to put out on display.

This morning a chap waited patiently in the queue and when it was his turn handed me a dozen of these booklets.

Halsway Manor is about 30 minutes drive from here and hosts folk events.

None of the events took my eye and I will hope to dump half of the booklets at the Toucan as they have a shelf for these sorts of brochures. The rest will end up in the recycling on Monday.

If you are into folky stuff then my recycling bin will outside from Sunday night till they collect sometime on Monday – alternatively check out their website!

We had a phone call this morning but as were busy at the time it went onto the answer machine.

When we checked, the message was “Would you please look up a postcode for me and call me back on………”.  A bit cheeky. Of course we will waste a bit of our time looking up the code and waste some of our profits on a phone call (NOT!)

One of elderly customers came and mentioned she was going to the dentist and was concerned she was going to a lady dentist for the first time.

She was worried that a lady’s wrist would not be strong enough to extract her tooth.

I told her I have had a lady dentist for years and I was happy with that, however touching wood, I had not had a tooth out.

She replied that she was also looking to find an NHS dentist as privately it would cost in excess of £300 for an extraction.

I suggested that for 70p she should buy 100 grammes of our toffees and trying chewing on those first to see if that does the trick.

Stamps are still selling very well this week as only a couple of days before the price rise.

One customer bought 4200 second class stamps today and saved £588 by buying them this week rather than next.

Young kids are normally not very good customers especially with parents and grandparents who have no control and I wince when certain ones come through the door.

Some young children are well behave and are happy chatting to us and look at the things on the shelves with their eyes and not their hands.

BUT unfortunately there are loads of the other sort of unruly children.

When the ‘adult’ comes to the counter to perform a transaction they let their child wander off to grab whatever is in reach.

The throw any comment “Do not touch anything” from the parent is completely ignored by the untrained child.

The next comment is “Put that back” which is also ignored. 

The ‘grown ups’ don’t even think that we need the stock to be sale condition rather than battered and bruised. 

I blame the parents.

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