Tuesday 1st May


These 3 ladies come into the post office every Tuesday.

You can hear them coming as they constantly chatter and cackle as they come down Mary Lane and cross over Brook St to the Post Office.

I snapped them when they stopped to further their conversation in the middle of the road!

They are great fun and we always have a good laugh when they come into see us.

I’ve said before that customers tell us all sorts of personal information.

Today, a chap came into tax his car and said he had just been to visit the doctors.

While he was sat in the waiting room he saw a leaflet titled ‘Problems with erection?’

He took the leaflet with him when he was called into see the Doctor.

When he had finished his appointment he turned to the Doc and put the leaflet on the desk.

Doctor queried “Do you have an erection issue?” (Already knowing that the patient had fathered many children)

Patient replied “Every morning and night I have an erection and the wife’s fed up with it!”

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