Wednesday 2nd May

Guess who came in to the Post Office today?

He weighed in at 1.65 kilos.

A GOLD BAR (of chocolate) for the first correct answer*.

CLUE…long term blog followers should get the answer.

* close family and Bampton PO employees are excluding from winning this major prize.




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5 Responses to Wednesday 2nd May

  1. It’s got to be the dear old tortoise, surely?

  2. bamptonpo says:

    well done, your prize can be collected at bamptonpo……

  3. Steve Runyard - from Turkey in the sunshine! - 30c today says:

    Surely the answer should have been ‘Sparky’ the 100+ years old tortoise!

  4. Thank you so much – by far the nicest thing to have happened this week. Oh and I do hope that the dear old tortoise is in fine fettle.

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