Thursday 10th May


A steady day today.
The plan this evening was to attend the public meeting on ‘Highway Issues

in Bampton’.
Several times during the afternoon we had the usual conversation “What do
we have to eat tonight?”
At 5:29 we had not decided on the evenings dining experience when I
remembered that a couple of days ago that the Toucan had a table for 2
left for their Sausage & Mash night.
We called the Toucan but unfortunately they were fully booked.
After a plea we had not got anything to eat after we got back from the
meeting the Toucan offered us a takeaway option. We booked for collection
at 8:30 assuming a lengthy meeting.
Off we trotted to the Community Hall for 6pm which turned out to a great
outcome for Bampton as the majority of the feedback from the review,
backed up by the meeting was basically leave Bampton as it is.
There may be traffic issues but they are acceptable and any restrictions
would only make matters worse rather than improve them.
The highways officers were actually happy to be on our side as the record
of injuries, which were minor, over the past several years, is less than
one a year.
Even double parking, although constantly reminded that it is illegal, is
seen as something that works for Bampton as it is not only necessary for the
businesses to survive but also automatically provides traffic calming at
no extra cost to council tax payers.
The meeting finished before 7pm so what to do until 8:30?   Pub, a few of the 
others decided so I strode off to the Swan.
I got to the bar of the Swan and was deciding which of the 3 real ales to
start with when my other half followed me in saying “Hang on, we are all
going to the Bridge Hotel”.
I apologised to Steve at the Swan and left.
Into the Bridge with others for a beer and chat about what happened in the
2 pints later, one of which Brian, the landlord had bought us, we had to
leave to go and collect and takeaway.
When we arrived at the Toucan to collect out takeaway Sausage & Mash we
bumped into our friends Barbara & Ray(the window cleaner as photographed a
couple of weeks ago) about to vacate their table.
So guess what, our takeaway became an eat in meal with more drinks and
followed by a shared pudding before we ventured home to Corrie, Britain’s
Got Talent and Great British Menu.
A busy evening in Bampton with the impromptu meal made another super
night, a school night as well!

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