Friday 11th May

Have you been watching Britain’s Got Talent?

The best act/tune so far is:-–h2GjaAU

Well, we will be releasing the follow up song.

‘Where’s me card, what’s me pin’

The power of advertising in the Post office.

At 10am I put an advert in the window for a part-time job. At 3 30pm I was asked to remove the advert as the position had been filled.

There was another strange conversation in the shop today.

My other half was speaking with a customer who wanted some sweets as she has a throat problem and had been suffering from severe migraines.

The lady in question had been to the doctors about it and they wondered if it was a problem with air fresheners in the home. The alternative culprit was then highlighted as her parrots.

“I have one in the hall and one in the bathroom” said the customer.

“What, a parrot in the bathroom?”

“No, air fresheners!”

The customer then proceeded to speak about her parrots and said she had one in her passage, at which point there was much biting of lips!

She previously had a parrot and one day when she went on holiday the person looking after the parrot decided to teach it to say something.  

On return from the holiday the parrot had learnt “The vicars a bastard”.

I gather the vicar in question is a person who reads the blog so maybe he will remember this and confirm the story when he comes in next time.


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2 Responses to Friday 11th May

  1. Steve Runyard - in Turkey in the showers and thunder storms: only19c today says:

    Love the parrot story ….Linda and I have been sitting here with tears in nour eyes after reading it….keep writing.

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