Sunday 13th May


Observations of our recent twinning adventure to Villers Bocage, Normandy

An above average number of blue and white hooped tops are worn by English people when venturing across the channel.

I love French bread and I am a great fan of their baguettes.

Marc (pictured) bought me an “épi de blé,” which is shaped like a sheaf of wheat.

It is great as it has even more crunchy crusty bits. I must learn how to make them because English attempts at French sticks are pathetic. I have brought some French flour back so hopefully in the near future I can rip the inside of my mouth to shreds again – sheer bliss.

The French chaps don’t worry if there is a queue for the gents. They just find an adjacent line of trees instead!

Why does it take so long to get through several courses of a meal when many of them are cheese and the beef is served redder than the Beaujolais?

Why do the French drink their wine out of the smallest glass on the table?

Why is there a shortage of cutlery in France as we have to use the same knives and forks for several courses? French bread is not always for eating as it often used to clean the cutlery before the next course arrives.

I was disappointed when I was told we were off to see the Horse and Hounds. It was 3 horses and a pack of hounds, not a pub!


On seeing a Meerkat at the zoo it was impossible to explain how this animal appears in one of the most popular adverts on the TV in England at the moment.  Where would you start to explain?  It’s a Suricate in french.

and finally

Over the weekend, as lazy brits, we try to get away with speaking in English to our French friends, Marc & Martine, as their English is a lot better than out French.

By the end of the weekend they got into such a habit that when we left on Monday morning Martine turned to Marc and said “Have you got the car keys? He replied “Yes, they are in my pocket”.

They then look bemused and wonder why they are speaking to each other in English!


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