Tuesday 15th May


The Over 60’s are going out on a trip tomorrow,

As I have reached the relevant age to qualify I gave my apologies as I have to work but during the conversation I was shocked to hear that you don’t need to be 60 to join the over 60’s.

Evidently Lil sent up the Over 60’s when she was in her 20’s.

I think it is therefore a ruse to get concession price entry to all of the attractions they visit.

One of our customers came in this morning and was moaning about the lack of parking today compared against years ago. She then went on to talk about the types of shop we had in Bampton.

There was a television shop and she recounted the day she was watching the Borg v McEnroe final and her TV broke so she dashed across the road to the TV shop and they lent her a set to watch the rest of the final.

She said the Spar shop was where the Toucan is now and the shop on the corner was called ‘The Corner Shop!’

Bizarrely she the recounted the time the Butcher died “He was in the shop one day then the next day he wasn’t”

This afternoon a customer came in to pay some bills and withdraw some cash.

She was admiring our range of sweets in the jars and was reminiscing on what she loved.

We thought we were on for a sale then she suddenly said she had no money….as she left with the £250 she had just withdrawn!

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