Thursday 17th May (Wife’s Birthday)


The Big Bampton Plant is an initiative designed to kick start the 2012 floral campaign in Bampton which is so important to all living in the area, as well as local business.

BBC Spotlight will be present to film the event.

The plan is that as many people, residents and business, are around from 4:30 p.m. Monday 28th May outside the Fruit & Veg shop, where local businesses will be selling plants, window boxes and baskets.

A new business Wooden Workshop will be selling planters.

The idea is then to get to work and do the planting.

The towns hanging baskets will also be delivered on the day and planting advice will be on hand if needed.

We had a delivery of our cash and stamps today in the high security van.

Unfortunately the driver set off the alarm which meant for the next 10 minutes Bampton was bombarded with “Alert, the security van is being attacked, please help”.

The driver was embarrassed for setting off the alarm but he said that at least the people of Bampton came to see if he was alright as in big cities he is ignored if the alarm goes off.

My other half, nearly recovered from the broken metatarsal, has now contracted shingles!

The doc says she is ok to work but should avoid contact with pregnant women.

So every female that comes in I have to ask “are you pregnant?” which causes a few comments.

I’m dying for a drop dead gorgeous lady to come in and when I say “ Are you pregnant?” and she says “No , I’m not”, I will have the chance to say (probably not out loud)

“Would you like to be?”

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