Wednesday 23rd May


It was nice and warm this morning, even surpassing the magic 16 degrees very early in the day.

The magic number being the temperature when we allow the door to be left open to let in fresh air rather than chilly air.

The downside of an open door that I have noticed over the last couple of days is the noise from outside.

The worse noise was this morning when about 20 ladies congregated outside to catch a coach for day trip to Hestercombe gardens ending somewhere on the Somerset levels.  The longer they were outside the louder the noise became.

Some of them seemed a bit vague as to where they were going. No doubt they put their name down for the trips irrespective of the destination.

In the excitement of finding the computer working yesterday I forgot to mention the lady that came in asking how my other half was as she had not seen her for a while.

I said apart from the metatarsal and the shingles she was fine.

The lady said “Give Claire my regards, tell her it was the lady with a bun on her head”……my other half knew who it was straightaway.

Sometimes when we talk about customers and can’t remember their names we have to use the nicknames we give them…in a nice way of course!

Well done to Steve and Kathryn who got the correct answer to yesterday’s question.

Hovis was the answer.

Steve said the saying had been around for 125 years…he doesn’t look that old does he? 

He’s the one with the sunnies on. The other chap was the driver of the boat!!


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2 Responses to Wednesday 23rd May

  1. Steve Runyard - in Turkey in the sun: only29c today says:

    Having seen the photo………………………………………….no comment!!!!!

  2. Kathryn benton says:

    Breath in Steve lol

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