Friday 25th May

Ian, Olympic Torchbearer fame, came in today and said he had a tremendous day on Monday.

He said that the day flashed by, having started by meeting in Appledore (I think!) at 7:30am, the torchbearers were mini-bussed (is that a word?) to Great Torrington for his short walk/run.

He was interviewed by Radio Bristol and even got a mention on Radio 1 as they spoke about the chap who was enjoying his stint with the flame and was getting involved with the crowd, in fact, the reporter suggesting he was a danger to the public with his flame getting so close to them!

After the end of his stint his torch was decommissioned and he was then allowed to take it home (for a few hundred pounds) and I gather it’s not going on e-bay.

Hundrerds of people asked to have their photographs taken with Ian and the torch – he happily obliged

He was even give some cut glass bowls by Dartington Glass as a momento.

He arrived back in Bampton about 4:30pm.

He was taking the torch into the school later in the day.

His visit to the school was related to us later in the afternoon when a small boy came into the shop to buy some sweets.

I did have the laptop in the shop during the day and was watching the live streaming of the torch relay. I wish I had known this was available as I would have watched Ian earlier in the week.

You can watch it live on the bbc website under torch relay.

An elderley chap came striding across the road into the shop this morning, walked up to the counter with his telegraph vouchers in his hand and said “I would like to pay my paper bill please”.

I replied “Thank you but you might want to go into Costcutters to do that”.

He blamed his age.



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