Friday 1st June


The bunting is going up.

Thanks to my other half I was volunteered, without a mention to me, to put up the bunting for the old dear next door.

Halfway through the afternoon my neighbour wanders in with a bundle of rags under her arm and looks at me in an appealing fashion

How could I refuse?

I popped out of the shop to find my ladder and in a couple of minutes the bunting was up.

It reminds me of the time, when again my other half volunteered my services, for a bit of housebreaking.

An older lady came into the shop and said she had locked herself out her cottage.

She said this was not the first time and she had got back in by forcing open the upstairs window.

“No problem, hubby has a ladder, I will send him round”.

Up the road with the ladder over my shoulder I went.

I climbed the ladder and forced open the window, however the lady would not let me climb in.

She insisted that she went into her bedroom so I came back down the ladder and held it in place as she shuffled up the rungs and clambered into to house.

I did remember to avert my eyes as she went up the ladder you will be glad to hear.

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