Thursday 7th June

It was scrabble weather today.

The weather was really rubbish this morning, in fact, it was so glum when I got up this morning that I double checked the clock.

A couple of bored holiday makers came in asking if we had had a scrabble game to buy, which was a first. We have Snakes & Ladders, Ludo, and Draughts etc. but had never been asked for scrabble before.

 I did suggest a jigsaw puzzle but they had already been in to buy one of those.

Several other customers mentioned that they were going back home to sit in front of the fire – yes it’s June – and they still were needing a fire. One other customer had just ordered a delivery of logs!

When I came back from lunch there was a youth in the shop who had just bought a single 1st class stamp. He was given one of the Diamond Jubilee stamps with a photograph of the Queen on it.

He looked a tad confused as it was not self-adhesive and asked “What do I do with this as I’ve only ever used stamps out of a book?”

“Lick it my son, lick it – and then stick it on your envelope”

Have you bought your Olympic tickets yet?

It’s not easy as I found out when I was asked by a friend to get some tickets for the women’s football at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

I did tell him that the females do not swap shirts at the end of the game but he insisted he wanted to go.

When I finally logged on, second time as had forgotten the password, I made the purchase and went to pay. Guess what, you can only pay with a Visa card! 

My main debit and credit cards are both MasterCard so I had to rummage around to find some plastic with Visa on it. Luckily I had one with some money on it so made the purchase.

Don’t you think it’s ludicrous how Visa can control what we can and can’t pay with?

 I gather that Visa have insisted the hole in the wall machines in the Olympic village are only theirs and it won’t serve non visa customers.

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