Friday 8th June

One of our early customers was chatting about where she was going on holiday and said she was going to Canada and as we went to Canada last year the discussion continued.

She then related the story that she was flying BA to the USA on 9/11 and she was one of the first flights that had to be redirected to Canada and was left to sort herself out from there!

Ian Buchanan, the Bampton chap that had the honour of running with the Olympic Torch, was in today and he is becoming more and more of a celeb.

He has been asked to open Bickleigh School fete, appear at a leisure centre tomorrow and getting lots of others requests for personal appearances.

On his way back from showing it to the owners of the Fish & Chip shop he went past some builders doing up a house. When they saw the torch they dropped their tools (!) and asked for a photograph with the torch.

Ian will also be appearing outside the Post office soon so he can raise some money for charity by being photographed with the torch.

An older lady came in this morning asking us to top up her phone as her daughter had insisted she had it with her when she took her dogs to Haddon Hill for a walk in case the car broke down.

She handed over the phone in its box, switched off.

She said she had a problem with the battery and the starter motor. We then realised she was talking about the car not the phone.

We sold her a £5 voucher and then we then had to load it to her phone and as it was on the Orange network we had to go to the top of our house and hang out of the window to get a signal.

All part of the job in the Post office!

I popped into the butchers for some corned beef to put on my lunchtime jacket potato (try it, the corned beef melts into the spud) and as I was waiting I noticed a sign on one of the cheeses.

‘Reduced Fat Cheddar £9.75Kg’

I asked what price it had been reduced to!

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