Saturday 9th June

The Olympic tickets that I ordered for a friend arrived by Special Delivery this morning.

It looks like the Royal Mail is getting switched on and is using the Olympic sales to show everyone what they can do.

I had a text and an email at 7:20 this morning from the Tiverton Delivery office to say they would be delivering the tickets today.

Pete the postie delivered the package to me at 09:20 and within minutes I got another text and email to confirm the tickets had been delivered.

Pete also left a package for someone down the street that did not answer their door.

When she came in for the package about half an hour later I jokingly said she ought to get up earlier.

As she went out of the door I noticed she was wearing flowery ‘trousers’….I think they might have been PJ’s!

A little girl, about 3, came in and wanted to buy some sweets, insisting she paid on her card.

We took her card (an Argos card???), slipped it into the pin pad, pretended to enter a pin number and gave it back to her. She was then a happy bunny.

No doubt we will get asked to do it again.

A chap came in and my other half said to him “You look very smart today”.

I don’t think she had noticed the black tie he was wearing.

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