Monday 11th June

I was up a bit earlier than normal. It must have been the anticipation of the England match.

Getting up early must have messed up my routine as I forgot to open the safe before I opened the shop. It didn’t cause any disruption and nobody noticed as I managed to pay out the 8:30 regulars.

I was soon back on track and one of the first things I had to do was to push some chaps car as he had broken down outside the Post office.

He came in and asked how my muscles were when asking for a push. I knew having to take steroids on a daily basis would prove worthwhile.

I went outside and gave a push while the chap started pushing alongside the driver’s door.

I did suggest he got in so we could bump start but he said it was an automatic and wanted to push the car to the kerbside near to Costcutter (he had conked out when double parked).

As we pushed the car it was going out to the centre of Brook St rather than heading for the kerb so I suggested he might want to get hold of the steering wheel so he leapt in as we moved forward.

We picked up speed as we went down the camber towards the leet and I was then concerned he wasn’t going to stop so I was then pulling rather than pushing.

One of our elderly gents then came in and I was amused to see about 2 inches of the waistband of the pants sticking out above his trousers. I think he got carried away tucking everything in rather than making a fashion statement.

A woman came up to the counter and said she felt embarrassed about what she was about to ask for.

“Can I have a number 2 please?”

I must have smirked ……I knew she wanted to buy a number to stick on a birthday card….but it still amusing to hear it said.

Ian Buchanan came in to tell me that well over £200 was raised on Saturday when he took his Olympic Torch to Tiverton Leisure Centre and let people have their photograph taken with it.

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