Tuesday 12th June

A mum came in this morning with a picture of the Diamond Jubilee that her child had drawn.

She bought an envelope and enquired how she ought to address the letter to the Queen.

I’m afraid I didn’t know at the time, do you?

Thanks to Google I have found the answer.

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA

A customer came in to post two souvenir Diamond Jubilee magazines to Australia.

She had bought some postal tubes on Monday and today was wanting to get them posted, subject to price.

They were quite heavy and she decided to post the heavier one that was about £10 and took the second one back home as it was £9 and not sure if it was worth the cost.

I said they were quite weighty publications and she replied they were ‘Hello’ magazines and they might even have copies in Australia.

I said that the magazine would probably be called G’day over there.

While I was out at the optician at lunchtime I was told a lady came waltzing into the shop with a couple of dogs.

She was advised that dogs are not allowed in the Post office and replied that her dogs are allowed into her local Post Office and that Health & Safety had gone mad.

She left with her parcel still under her arm.

The good news from the trip to the optician was not only that I now qualify for a free eye test but also my prescription was almost the same so saved over £200 on not needing a new pair of specs.

I did come out with an injury though as I managed a nasty paper cut while folding up my paperwork.

The optician did persuade me not to have a plaster as it would mean filling in the accident book.

That’s health & safety gone mad.

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