Thursday 14th June


Ian brought in the Olympic Torch for us to touch, have a photograph taken with it etc.

He got a few funny looks and comments from the customers in the shop at the time.

“What is that?”

“It’s not a real one is it?”

“Can I touch it?”

His torch is in constant demand at the moment.

I got no responses to yesterday’s question about the photograph.

It is known as a ‘Smokers Hatch’ and it is fitted to an Austin 7.

A guess a ‘sunroof’ is now more PC than a smokers hatch these days.

The customer who asked for the photocopy is doing up an Austin 7 and as he cannot find a hatch he is getting someone to make one and he needed an example.

He said that the hatch was an extra fitted to the standard Austin 7 (the car costing £110 when new). The Deluxe version of the car (costing £120) had a sliding roof as standard.

Last year he had a seen an old rusty hatch, selling on ebay as a template only, for over £130 – more than the price of the original car!

An early, non-profit making task (one of many we seem to do!) was to count up and change up the proceeds from a charity plant sale for a local lady.

 It totalled to £800 – not bad just selling plants and cups of tea for less than one day.

I had a slight panic when a saw a chap in a Hi Vis jacket across the road, thinking it was the traffic enforcement officer.

It was only someone delivering a new car to its owner up the road.

We then had a major panic when another Hi Vis jacketed chap with a measuring device was outside on the pavement.

With the help of a customer who knew him we found out he was measuring up for marking the road for a bus stop.

This was muted a couple of years ago and I rallied around to get it quashed as it would lose us valuable parking which in turn would lose us customers and trade.

With the help of another customer ,in the shop at the time, who is parish councillor we got our point across to the chap from the Highways department that it was totally unnecessary to waste money painting a box on the road when the bus service is every two hours, stopping for only a minute or so.

We need the parking 24/7.

The bus would never use its parking box anyway so it would a better idea to spend our taxes on something more worthwhile.

I forgot to mention yesterday.

A regular older lady customer joined the queue in the shop and when she got her turn said “I wanted to ask you a question before I came in”

Other customers gave her a strange look as I said “But you are in”

She actually wanted to check that I would accept her bags of change before she dragged her trolley into the shop.

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