Friday 15th June


The rooks are up to their usual trick of building nests in the chimneys.

I wonder if the owners realise what is going on.

When we first opened up our chimney the sweep filled two black bags with twigs etc.

An early customer came in to buy some white ribbon for her car as she had been called in at late notice to ferry a bride to the church.

How much ribbon do you need?

I think we settled on 6 metres and hoped that would be adequate.

Someone came in to post a card and insisted it was guaranteed for tomorrow.

As it is Saturday tomorrow the price was about £10 but he insisted it was important to get there for the recipients 84th birthday.

The customer said “we think it might be the last birthday card every year but he is still hanging on!”

The next customer also wanted a guaranteed delivery for Saturday as it was a Father’s day card and present.

Why do people leave it so late?

An elderly chap that came in yesterday to collect his wife’s pension was not happy when there was no money to collect.

He came back today and asked if I knew what had happened. I told him he needed to phone the pension department to find out what reason they had for not paying.

He can in this afternoon to say it was the Queens fault.

As she had given the extra day holiday it managed to confuse the pension payment system.

God bless her.

I mentioned my squeamosity before and today was not a great day for me.

A chap was busy showing us the outcome from his motorcycle accident – a great big scar up his arm from wrist to elbow. Then not too long later a customer had several fingers with plasters on and she explained she got her fingers stuck in the sewing machine and had to put it into reverse to extract them. Did I need to know this?

A ‘regular’ came in to tax his car.

As he left he said “See you next year”.

He does come from Taunton so maybe I will let him off.

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