Monday 18th June


As the 10:19 bus to Tiverton went past this morning I got a wave from Robbie & Mark.

A few moments later out of the corner of my eye I spied a bus heading back the other way which was strange as it was not the normal time for a bus.

A couple of minutes later someone came in the Post Office complaining that the bus had not turned up and that they were supposed to be catching the bus to go to the dentist.

I looked out of the window and the bus was coming down the road so the person in the shop shot off to catch it.

As the bus went past, Robbie & Mark were sat there waving again.   Spooky.

I would think that the bus driver had forgotten to stop at the bus stop at the top of the town and as a result had left the bus stop in Brook Street too early.

Somehow he spotted the error of his ways and had turned round and gone back to the bus stop up near the Bridge Hotel then come round again.

He then set off again some 10 minutes behind schedule.

It was quite weird seeing the same bus with the same passengers going past the window.

I had to put on my TV engineer hat on today.

An older lady came in asking for advice as her Sky was not getting a signal.

The signal had been sketchy for the last couple of weeks.

She was really disappointed that having watched 3 hours of the jubilee flotilla she missed the end as the signal disappeared.

I asked the usual question – “Have you unplugged the cable from the back of your Sky box as this tends to solve most of the problems “.  “Done that” she replied.

Evidently she had someone to cut back greenery climbing over her dish and since then the picture kept coming and going.

I reckon the clipping of the greenery might have accidently caught the cable from the dish so I gave the telephone number of a local TV aerial and Sky installer.

Several customers came in today to congratulate my other half on her part in the supper night that was held down the hall on Saturday night.

We had a nice meal courtesy of the Toucan and entertained by 4 ladies from the Bampton Players as they performed ‘What Brutes Men are’.

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