Tuesday 19th June


It was a busy day today.

I had to take my car to the Saab garage in Wellington to get rid of a knocking noise that appeared every time I went over a bump.

Later, my other half was making props for the children’s ‘James and the Giant Peach’ performances on Friday & Saturday.

The picture shows the Axe that was made.

There are lots of Bampton people that help make the children’s drama group put on their shows.

There are people building the stage, sets & props, sorting out lighting and sound, making costumes and these are not all the tasks.


A new set of stamps were issued today – a set of stamps commemorating the bicentenary of Charles Dickens’ birth year using illustrations by Joseph Clayton Clarke.

When I sold a couple of the 87p stamps, depicting Mrs. Gamp from Martin Chuzzlewitt, both customers mentioned that the name Gamp is a term for an umbrella after the Dickens’ character Mrs. Sairey Gamp.

Norman, previously mentioned many months ago for wearing his shorts in winter, came in today in a different guise.

No it wasn’t his Lycra as he was not on his bicycle. It also wasn’t his kayaking gear.

It was his leathers and crash helmet.

As I served him, he said hello to my other half and I could tell she didn’t have a clue who it was as he still was wearing his helmet.

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One Response to Tuesday 19th June

  1. True to life that,s what i like about this blog, I was a butcher for 30 years & my old boss said
    The customer not always right,But she,s still the customer.

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