Wednesday 20th June


It was chocolate day today.

We had deliveries from two chocolate suppliers.

Nutcombe, who are based in Minehead   supply the chilli chocolate which is well worth a try.

You get the great taste of dark chocolate and as it leaves you are then hit with the heat of the chilli.

You then have to have more to see if it happens the next time.

And then you check again and suddenly the whole packet has gone.

The second delivery was from a new supplier to us, James chocolates from Shepton Mallet .

I wasn’t party to the samples received last week and when I came back from lunch the others in the shop had demolished it.

The packaging looks great and there are some different flavours to try out.

An early customer asked for a ‘picnic set’ .

He wanted a set of plastic knives & forks etc as he was going on a picnic which he was used to back in Australia. We apologised as it was not something we sold and had never been asked before.

Maybe they get better picnic type weather in in Oz than over here (not really difficult I would guess),

After work I went to the dress rehearsal of ‘James and the Giant Peach’ which is being performed by the Bampton childrens drama group on Friday & Saturday.

They did really well with only a few issues before they make it alright on the night.

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