Monday 25th June


Some days people make you laugh, other days things happen that make you laugh even more.


A lady came in for a photocopy of one piece of paper.


I disappeared out to the back and warmed up the copier then made the one copy in black and white.


I returned to the shop and as per the price list I said “ten pence please”.


She replied “But I’m over 50 so it should be seven pence”.


“Sorry madam, but the price is per copy not AGE!!!!!”


After she left the shop we did have a good chuckle.


A regular customer came in this morning and normally she gets £5 of change for her hubby to use in his vending machine at work.


But today she did not want any change so I enquired why.


“He’s had an accident at work and is now recovering”.


“Some pallets fell on top of him and he hurt his shoulder and has damaged ligaments needing the use of a sling”.


The funny side of this is when she described his shoulder injury.


“He dis-collated his shoulder”.


It is difficult to keep a straight face at such troubled times.


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One Response to Monday 25th June

  1. Bruce – that is great.
    Made me chuckle too. Katrina

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