Tuesday 26th June


I apologise for a late blog for Tuesday as I had an accident.

Straight after work yesterday we went for a meal with friends at their home in Bampton.

We enjoyed a nice meal and shared a couple of bottles of wine.

Our friends are not night owls so we left about 9:30 to return home.

As we wandered down the road I suggested to my other half that we pop into the Swan for a quick one.

That’s when the accident happened.

I accidently had three drinks before we left well after 11 so by the time we got home sleep was a higher priority than blogging.

I did forget to mention on Monday about the dog taking itself for a walk along Brook Street.

I looked out of the window and across the road there was a small black and white dog slowly progressing along the pavement.

It had a lead but no human attached to the other end.

I did think about putting a notice in the window “Lost Owner” but decided to send Sam across to see if the dog had a name and address tag on it.

By the time Sam had caught up with the dog it was approaching the bakers.

Sam went into the bakers and asked if anyone knew who the dog belonged to.

“It’s my dog” said one of the customers who was sat having a coffee and a cake.

“The dog was messing about and walking so slowly that I got fed up with it and I left it to go at its pace while I strode on to the bakers. It knew where it was going so I was happy it would catch me up”.

Today, a customer came in and asked if we sold acetone.

We don’t so she said she would have to use paint stripper instead.

She wanted to remove the gel from her finger nails!

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One Response to Tuesday 26th June

  1. Steve Runyard - in Turkey in the sun: only29c today says:

    Sounds like a very serious accident – hope you are fully recovered, Did you need a drink to get over the accident?

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