Saturday 30th June


Ian Buchanan (without his Olympic Torch) was outside the Post Office this morning to publicise the  Church Fete next Saturday at Castle Grove and to sell raffle tickets for the Exeter Leukaemia Fund.

The draw is to be made at the fete next week.

He sold about £170 between 9 o’clock and half past twelve which is terrific.

A well-known local farmer came in to buy a birthday card and when he came to pay he tipped out his pockets and put loads of change on the counter,

He paid for the card and then counted up his change.

We then exchanged it ll for a £10 note which pleased him.

As he went out of the shop he was asked if wanted to buy a raffle ticket (£1 each).

He replied “I have no change!”


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One Response to Saturday 30th June

  1. Nice to see the locals chipping in for a charity based miles away,Community spirit, You don,t get that in the town. Now i know why you never see a poor farmer

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