Monday 2nd July

The weather was grim today and at certain times the news relayed to us was the same.

Yesterday I saw one of our neighbours going off in an ambulance.

Today two people came in to tell us not so good news.

The first that one of our neighbours had died yesterday (not the one I saw) then the second news was that our friend had been taken in to Wonford hospital in Exeter and he was pretty poorly.

The best news came later in the day when a lady came in and related a story of how her husband on Sunday sauntered by the kitchen window with a wonderful bouquet of flowers, especially the roses and peonies.

He came into the kitchen looking pleased as punch and presented the bouquet to his wife, along with a kiss saying “thank you for marrying me on the 1st of July.

She replied “What a wonderful gesture darling but WRONG WIFE”

“We were married on the 1st of August. You married your FIRST wife on the 1st of July!”

She said he looked totally deflated.

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