Tuesday 3rd July


There were two ladies that must be in training for the talking Olympics as they were chatting outside the shop for well over half an hour.

They had already spent over 5 minutes in the shop discussing whether they were going to Speech Day at Blundells.

One was keen on the plant sale after speech day and wondered whether it was worth the effort of sitting through the speeches first.

They said it was the current headmasters last year so they ought to go really.

The next head is to be a lady so they are expecting changes to make it easier for the girls and harder for the boys.

A customer came in to withdraw some cash as she was going to the Blue Cross to get a cat.

I didn’t realise you had to pay as I thought the Blue Cross would have been keen to pass them on to owners rather than having to look after them.

The cost (£40 for a cat) covers the cost of injections, neutering etc. and one months food when handed over.

A couple came in and asked me what year did and On the Buses film gross more at the box office than a Bond movie.

I said I didn’t know but I thought it must be 70’s.

So I googled on my phone and found that the first On the Buses film was made in 1971 and it beat Diamonds Are Forever.

They then related the names of the actors, Reg Varney, Stephen Lewis and Bob Grant.

I them chipped in with a ‘Did you know’ fact that is stored away in my grey matter.

“Reg Varney was the first person in the UK to use a cash machine”.

He was used to publicise the ‘cash dispensing machine’ in Barclays Bank Enfield on the 27th June 1967.

You never know when you need facts like these.

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