Independence Day


Opposite the post office is Mary Lane which leads up towards the church.

Over the last few months houses in Mary Lane and Church Terrace have changed hands and the Methodist Church is also being converted into housing.

This has involved lots of rebuilding work but this is tricky when the lane is not very wide.

Building materials have to be left on Brook St and somehow ferried up the relevant building and it is quite interesting watching the various methods.

The workmen squeeze their transit vans up and down, some more cautiously than others.

A lady came in the shop and said “I can’t live without you”.

This is a normal occurrence pour moi.

The sad part is that they only want me for the money they need to get out of their account.

One of our ‘regular’ customers came in to buy up her stock of birthday cards and christmas cards.

Yes I said Christmas cards, well it is only 174 days to go.

This lady comes over the channel to visit relatives in Bampton each year and says the cards in France are not very good and are really expensive.

As a result of Monday’s story about the wrong wife I had a similar story related this morning.

While having a nice meal in a restaurant the dessert trolley arrived and with much glee she said to hubby “Look, green figs they are your favourite”.

“Sorry but no thanks” he replied.

“Oh go on” she said “you really like them”.

“No I don’t I hate the things. It was your previous husband that loved them!”

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