Thursday 5th July


I was given this poster to put up in the window this afternoon.

I suppose if it’s a BIG bra is should be easy to find!

I reckon that if you find a female with a jumper on it could be under there.

Alternatively if it is not raining it might be hanging out on the washing line.

Today was a strange up and down day with lots of the main action having nothing to do with earning money.

A customer was trying to send some flowers to Ireland before the end of the week but this proved impossible as the majority of postal streams, including rival couriers, do not allow flowers to be sent outside of the UK. The only parcelforce service we do that can accommodate flowers (probably!) takes three days so no chance for the weekend. We had a disappointed customer.

One of our elderly lady customers found that for the second week running her pension had not been paid into her account.

On phoning the department of pensions she was getting no help as she could not find her national insurance number.

She came into the shop so I tried to help her on the phone to the pension people by relaying questions and answers as the lady is not only a bit deaf but also speaks quietly.

After 10 minutes on the phone to the DWP I was asked to phone the Revenue and Customs to find her NI number.

Again more relaying of questions and answers.

The NI number is now on its way then we can go back and try the DWP again when it arrives.

It really is tricky for our older customers to chase up problems with pension and bank issues due to the security in place which of the course they do not understand why.

The day then improved and it didn’t even rain today.

A customer came in as he was having trouble with T-Mobile as they claimed they had not received his letter but with the help of the internet on my phone I showed him the signature of the person that signed for it the day after it was sent.

He went away a happier bunny.

The daughter of lady that died earlier in the week came in to say thank you to us for helping her mum when she had visited us in the shop.

Late in the day a young boy came running in to show my other half his wristband that he had been given for finishing second in his school sports day race.

Even though his mum wasn’t coming in to post some packages he still was excited enough to come in and tell us.

We did sell a few stamps amongst the ‘social services’.

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