Friday 6th July


The weather has been better here for the last couple of days – no rain!

Unfortunately the recent inclement weather has driven the ‘Open Air theatre at its best’ production of the Railway Children at Knightshayes indoors!


At least the improvement in the weather gave the TV aerial repair man chance to hop up onto the roof opposite to fix it.


An unhappy girl came into the Post Office to ask us to display a poster as her pet dog had run off.

The blue whippet is called Bluebell and lives on the way to Exebridge from Bampton.

It did spook one of our customers in the shop at the time as she also has a blue whippet named Bluebell.

A couple called in on their way to see friends at Stoodleigh.

They are staying with relations in Taunton but always like to pop across to see their friends stopping off in Bampton on the way.

They said they liked Bampton as it was different to most other places.

They think the double parking is wonderful and remembered coming into the post office last year when someone was in with their suitcase checking the weight of it before they went on holiday.

They said that nothing like that would happen in Epsom post office.


Later in the day an impromptu meeting took place outside.

A few local folk were catching up with each other for a chat.

They didn’t worry about standing about in the middle of the road outside.

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