Saturday 7th July

The rain returned with venom overnight and Bampton was on a red flood warning.

We had 46mm of rain overnight and it continued to rain well into the afternoon and the fields were flooded all around the town.

Just after 6pm I got a call from the environment agency to say the main flooding threat had receded, thank goodness, having seen the local news on the TV where Yealmpton was well under water.

We had a distinct lack of customers today as they stayed at home.

The few customers that came in all were referring to the weather of course and how bad the rain was overnight.

I didn’t hear a thing probably because we went to the SUMMER Wine & Dine at the Toucan  last night where we had a wonderful meal and plenty of fine wine which are sourced from Christopher Piper Wines based in Ottery St Mary (unless they have floated off overnight!)

A farmer chappy came in and he was saying that during the week the daylight appeared to be hanging around longer than it normally would at this time of year.

He believes that the earth has tilted round a bit, hence longer daylight and the jet stream affecting us more causing the dreadful weather.

I would have thought we would have been told this by the powers that be but maybe they have noticed yet.

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