Thursday 12th July


I went to school today.

Ashburton Cookery School was the venue for my Patisserie course which was a Christmas pressie from my other half.

I managed to delivery everything you see in the photographs.

Chocolate Macaroons, Pain Aux Raisins, Maple & Pecan Pastries, Croissants, Pain Aux Chocolate, Chocolate Éclair & Profiteroles, Crème Patisserie and Rich Chocolate Ganache.

How I did it is the tricky bit as it was a bit of a whirl.

My favourite to eat are the éclairs with the brilliant filling.

I thought macaroons we horrible hard things but they are not.

They are a light meringue-like cookie and when you put a patisserie filling between two they are super.

It is a lot easier when the ingredients are readied for you and someone else does the tidying and washing up. That’s how Jamie can do his 30 minute meals in 30 minutes!

A great day out and it is a wonderful present if you ever get stuck for treating somebody.

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2 Responses to Thursday 12th July

  1. Steve says:

    and they’re all good for you……….

    • Steve Runyard - in Turkey in the sun: only38c in the shade today says:

      They look absolutely wonderful….hope you’re going to practice when you come to Turkey…!!!

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