You may think that as a result of the constant rain in Bampton that this is the indoor washing line of the cross dressing seven dwarfs.

You thought wrong as this was the display from the BIG BRA HUNT in the Quarryman’s Rest raising money for the Macmillan cancer trust.

The event raised over £300 pounds so it proved that taking off your bra does not always end up a flop!

A farmer chappie (the one that believed he earth has tilted from last week) came waltzing into the shop this morning and I commented on how clean his wellies were.

He said that he had put on his best pair for coming out (in the old fashion sense of not staying at home rather than the ‘I’m gay’).

He has not bought any new shoes in 20 years and constantly lives in wellies..

He went on to explain that he did not buy expensive wellies as he pays £5 + VAT (you can tell he goes to Mole Valley as the prices are displayed ex VAT).

Evidently expensive wellies damage far more quickly.

The advantage ,in this weather, is that as you tuck you trousers in your welllies your trews don’t get all wet at the bottom.

Half way through the day one of our customers, Lester’s wife (more later), spotted that someone had lost their hearing aid just outside the Post office so she picked it up and brought it in.

I had spotted a couple of friends chatting outside and I knew at least one of them used a hearing aid.

I thought I would look out for him walking back to his house but what should I do?

If I knock on the window and he had lost his hearing aid he would not hear me!

When I saw him go past I rapped on the window and he responded immediately so I thought it wasn’t him but as I beckoned him he came in.

“Have you lost you hearing aid “ I said.

He stuck both of his fingers in his ears to check “No, mine are in place”.

“Fine but does the chap you were speaking to wear ear pieces?”

“I think so he replied”.

We then spent the afternoon trying to contact him and eventually found out that although he has an aid he doesn’t often wear it.

We still have an unclaimed hearing aid.

As I mentioned earlier, Lester’s wife came in.

Lester is a talented artist and in the past has provided us with his paintings as greeting cards which sell really well.

Lester had a heart problem a couple of months ago and had a quadruple by-pass.

He is on the road to recovery, but not quick enough as we need more cards to sell!

After school, a 10 year old child came in and said “How much is 10 pence of millions?”

I thought the clue was in the question!

The vicar was in today, in civvies, and my other half was discussing funerals with her as she wants to have Hi Ho Silver Lining sung along to at her funeral. 

We helped a ‘late in the day’ customer pack up a couple of jars of Marmite that she was sending over to Ireland.

Evidently you cannot find Marmite in Ireland and as it is good for removing warts on horses legs the customer was posting some across the water.

Last night we had an impromptu evening.

Having demolished plenty of the patisseries from my cooking course we then had a call from friends asking if we could help them to eat a pork casserole.

Not ones to turn down a free meal, we of course said yes, so armed with a bottle of wine and a box of goodies from my cooking day we set off via the voting booth (local elections).

A great night was had by all (school night again).

Tonight after work we had to do some tidying up as potential buyers are here tomorrow but by 7pm we were ready to pop up to the  Bridge Hotel for Pie Night.

Good homemade pies and a couple of drinks were demolished before we left for home.

As we came out of the Bridge we spotted Ray having a fag outside of the Swan and as it was his sixtieth birthday he invited us across for a birthday drink.

Three drinks later we left but not without a tour of the upstairs rooms of the Swan which are really impressive and are great value if you are stopping off in Bampton.

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  1. Steve Runyard - in Turkey in the sun: only43c in the shade today says:

    The picture looks like a bit of a storm in a’DD’ cup…!

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