Saturday/Sunday 14th/15th July


It started early on Saturday morning with a customer prowling up and down outside from 08:30 but we do not open until 09:00 Saturdays so he had a bit of a wait.

When I eventually opened he came in to draw what was left in his bank account, 50 pence.

It is a shame that some people do live hand to mouth in this day and age and this poor chap was only waiting for some money so he could buy his morning paper.

I had strange phone call half way through he morning.

“Hello, this is Bampton Post office” I answered.

“Have you got a large………..a large” she said as I waited and wondered what she might want that I may have a large one of!!

“A large (what)” she said to someone standing next to her.

“A large jiffy bag” was the question.

A customer came in and asked “how much is a first and class stamp?”

I replied “60 pence and 50 pence”.

“Which price is the first?” was the response.   Doh!!

After we closed it was all go as we had to do the final touch up before potential buyers turned up.

They stayed about an hour then as they left our six month old grandchild was handed over for babysitting.

The next 21 hours happened …….with little sleep.

After the said grandchild was delivered back to mum I hotfooted it to the cricket at Taunton.

Blue sky, sunshine and couple of beers to go with cricket.

How else would you want to spend a July afternoon?

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