Wednesday 18th July


Bottoms Up.

A view of sheep’s bottoms as the farmer parked them outside while he popped into the Fish and Chip shop.

As a customer was paying for her stamps with the change in her purse she tried to palm us off with a few euros.

Having rejected these coins she said “Your eyesight must be better than Mrs Rendell’s as we used to get rid of all of our holiday coins on her.”

I gather it is a very long time since Mrs R worked in the Post Office.

 A lady came in this afternoon and said “You must know my mother Mrs XXXX”.

“Sorry, I can’t put a face to that name”.

“You must know her, Margot, she complained when you tried to give her a diamond jubilee stamp as she doesn’t like the Queen”.

“Sorry, still no”.

“She complained when she had a car tax holder as you charged her 90 pence for it. She was really moaning that the garage did not provide one for her for free”

“Still no”

“She drives a green car”

“Sorry, but still struggling to recognise her.” I said, “Does she collect her pension from us?”

“On no, she said indignantly, she has it paid into the bank as she wouldn’t collect it from here.”

Maybe she only came in twice before then!

The blog may be intermittent until Monday as going away for a few days.

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4 Responses to Wednesday 18th July

  1. You deserve a pride of Britain award, Your in business to make money not friends, Some people think the PO is their like the dole office just for their convenience,Give directions,Change up money,Come in with dirty boots, etc,Would they do it in Tesco Express, No wonder your getting out, I hope Bampton get the Postmaster they deserve,

  2. I was a manager for a well known chain of Master butchers & one xmas a lady said ,I want to order a turkey ,but as we go to a lot of whist drives we might win one so i shall cancel it.The same lady when the goverment gave a voucher towards a piece of beef, She said we dont eat beef can i have the money instead,I think i took it off something else & she retorted you could have put it on my xmas club,
    Can you beat that bamptonpo

  3. Jim Browne says:

    Norman Finnimore what is your relationship with William Hayes and Breaklock?

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