Barcelona Day 1

Hello, I’m back.

Here are a few of my memories of Barcelona.

Day 1 – left Bampton @ 4:30 am!

We arrived in reasonable time at Bristol Airport, trying to not get caught in those horrible speeding cameras on the road up to the airport from the M5.

We left the car in the Silver Zone car park and hopped onto the shuttle bus.

Over the intercom we heard “There is a fault with the barrier and it won’t work, the engineer has been sent for”.

After about 10 minutes some of the passengers were getting a bit twitchy as they had to get booked in sooner rather than later.

Thankfully the problem was fixed and we were delivered to the airport entrance.

Easyjet delivered us on time to Barcelona airport and we sped through customs and baggage reclaim and headed off to tourist information to collect our Barcelona 4-day pass

Customs only took about 15 seconds as we entered the building and showed our passports to one of the two chaps. I will compare this to the UK customs when I get to day 4.

Our 4-day pass included travel into the city by train which we took advantage of.

In typical tourist mode we emerged from the train station onto the street and although we had a map we didn’t know which direction to go to our hotel.

We soon headed in the right way and found our hotel .

On emerging from the station into the street I did notice the popular female national dress of Catalonia – skimpy shorts. Cheeky!

After case unpacking and a mini siesta it was into my shorts (not skimpy) and sandals and out to find something to eat (and drink).

Having done my homework we headed off to a bar that brewed its own beer but oh no – it didn’t open until 6pm – so we then found an alternative place to eat.

A lunchtime 3 course menu, including two glasses of wine was then demolished for about £12 each.

On the way to lunch we had our first Gaudi experience. 


Just along the road from our hotel was ‘La Pedrera’

After lunch I had a plan to take the metro to Barceloneta, have a look at the beach area then wander back through Las Ramblas towards our hotel.

It was bit different being in a city where people on the tube are heading for the beach.

No trouble with directions when emerging from the metro station as we just followed everyone else down to the beach.

We sat down (in the shade) and people watched for ages.


People were going to and fro in and on differing types of transport.

Sitting down made us thirsty, so we headed off to find another bar that brewed its own beer but did not find it so settled for beer in a bar with tables outside in a small square.

After the beer I was determined to look for the brew pub which I did find this time, but again it was closed, opening at 6pm.

At 6:01 we entered the pub, Cerveceria El Vaso de Oro and tried 4 of their brews, a couple which were excellent. We can recommend it.

We now had a change of plan as we were too weary to ramble though Las Ramblas so onto the metro to go back to the hotel, not forgetting a carryout from the pub.

Made my first mistake here as I took us on the metro train in the wrong direction but we spotted it straightaway so jumped off at the first station and headed back in the other direction.

Supper was taken in our room – the take away Belgian beer and a couple of cakes from a patisserie close to the hotel.

We also passed this shop with an interesting name.


End of Day 1…. A long day.

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