Barcelona – Day 3


A reasonably early start as me and my friend Bill were off to visit the Nou Camp

Rather than a sit down American breakfast we found a super patisserie where I bought a wonderful apple croissant and then sat on a bench watching the world go by.

Having a quickie breakfast meant that we arrived at our metro station meeting point about half an hour early so had an orange juice to wash down the croissants in a café across the road.

At this stage the boys went off to the footy stadium and the girls went shopping.

It cost about £20 to get into the stadium to take the tour of the home of one of the best teams in the world and for £20 you don’t get to see a game!

I did manage to get us to the stadium without taking the wrong train this time.

We arrived by about 10:30 and we joined the small queue to get into the ground.

An audio device was available for free although you had to leave a 50 euro deposit.

A few people left the queue thinking there was a 50 euro charge for the phone-like piece of kit.


The tour took you round the away team dressing room, several areas of the stands from the bottom layer to right to the top where the press boxes were. The media centre was large as this is where the after match interviews take place – enough for about a dozen separate interviews. There was a really massive trophy room and museum where the cups not only won by the Football team were displayed but also those of the basketball and roller hockey teams.

New technologies were used in impressive walls of video where, at a touch, you could call upon information about ex managers, ex-players and highlights of games of yesteryear.

When we finished the tour it was conveniently ended in the shop and they must make a fortune. To buy a named players shirt it cost £80 and you can buy all sorts of souvenirs – I resisted.

When emerging from the shop the queue to get in the stadium tour was massive I reckon they must get more people on the daily tour than Exeter City get on a match day.

So it was back on the metro, in the right direction of course, to meet up with the girls for lunch.

We chose a smart looking place and the food (tapas) was good. Unfortunately they let themselves down by serving us unordered tomato bread (which was good) and then including it on the bill.

We left without paying for the bread and without a tip!

It was the back on the metro , yes, in the right direction to visit the number one sight everyone goes to Barcelona for – The Sagrada Familia


It will be nice when it is finished!

We had to join the queue to get in and after about 20 minutes we paid 16 euros each to visit the Basilica and a ride in the lift to the top of one of the turrets.

I did learn that Gaudi died in 1926 when he was killed by a tram.

My instant thought this was similar to Rita losing her husband Alan Bradley in Coronation Street when he chased her across the tram tracks in Blackpool. You surely must have been one of the 26 million people that watched that episode.

I digress,

The building is impressive yet work is still in progress and will be for many years to come.

The view from the top.


Late in the afternoon we left the Sagrada Familia and headed back to our hotel, saying goodbye to our friends who were setting off down the east coast of Spain the next morning by train.

After a freshen up in the hotel we headed for the pub we tried to visit on Day 1.

It was open this time –  Cervesera Artesan – so we sampled a couple of their own brews which were good (but not as good as the place we found on Day 1).


We then moved on to find something to eat and thanks to my Rough Guide we found La Singular.

This was something different as it was nice and cosy (romantic it said in the guide!) and it served proper meal courses rather than tapas.

The waiter was very helpful even though he was the only one serving the dozen or so tables. He selected us a good wine and helped us through the menu as it was it in foreign!

A good place to eat in a quiet area of the city.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped for a nightcap at the same brew pub as on the way to the restaurant. I had another pint of beer whilst my other half requested a Cointreau.

I don’t think they serve Cointreau that much as you can see from the size of the measure they gave her.


End of Day 3 -I thought we would sleep well.

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