Friday 3rd August


A stranger, a bit wacky, came into the Post Office this afternoon and said she hoped she could get some money out of her Nat West account.

She said she had just sold her house and the proceeds should be in her bank but yesterday her card was refused in Tesco.

She asked for £20 so I entered the amount and she put her pin number in.

The computer, it says NO.

We did a balance and the funds had not cleared so she left the shop and I watched her jump in a car and disappear.

I then looked at the pin pad and her card was still in there.

Oh dear, I thought that I would not see her again and didn’t know who she was.

About three hours later she reappeared with one of our known customers and said “Did I leave my card?”

As she had phoned her solicitor who said the funds had finally been transferred so she checked the balance again.

The funds were there so she said “Chips tonight then”.

Her friend then said “Scribbles as well?”

“Scribbles, you mean scraps”.


My other half then chipped in (no pun intended) with “You mean scrumps”.

So what do YOU call the bits of batter that are left over in the fish fryer?

I googled this and found some interesting stuff.

Scraps from The Fish & Chip Shop is also called scratchins, batters, bits, scrumps, scrobblings, gribblings, fishbits, crimps, fishcrimps) free upon request.


I also found this wonderful guide for southerners who venture up to Yorkshire and enter a Fish & Chip shop

There was a wedding in Bampton today, the groom is a teacher at the primary school so there was a lot of interest.

The weather behaved itself at wedding time but it hammered down later in the afternoon as a bridesmaid and friends were wandering past the shop.


It must be the season for weddings as a two of our female customers are also getting hitched tomorrow (two separate weddings!).

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