Monday 6th August

What do you think is the better of the two evils?

A short night’s undisturbed sleep or a longer sleep time that is disturbed?

Normally it is about midnight by the time the stairs are climbed but last night it was 10:30.

However, we were woken about 11:30 by a rather loud alarm going off.

My other half asked if it was the shop alarm but it wasn’t as it was some idiots outside forgetting to unset the alarm before trying to get into their car that was parked outside the house. Thanks!

Then about 5:30am another alarm goes off as I think Costcutter had trouble switching off the alarm when they opened to make up the papers.

What a good way to start the working work?

Good news, good news….

The hearing aid, handed in over a couple of weeks ago, was claimed today.

A regular customer came in and said “I understand you have had a hearing aid handed in”.

“Yes”, I said taking down the aid from the hook behind me, “Is this yours?”

“Pardon” she said.

“IS THIS YOURS?” I repeated.

“Yes, thank you, where was it found?”

“It was picked up just outside the shop a couple of weeks ago”.

“It must have been when it was raining when I came out of the shop and put my hood up and knocked it out. My daughter saw your notice in the window last night”.

Talking about rain, we had a queue in the Post Office today to get OUT of the shop.

Several people were in the shop when it absolutely hammered it down so they all waited for it to ease before venturing back outside.

The local lady reverend has been in a couple of times in the last few days and she is looking forward to marrying her daughter later this week.

She is conducting the wedding of her daughter (and then in a routine similar to Superman in the phone box) she is to go into the vestry as a vicar and come out as the mother of the bride.

We had another theory put forward today as the reason why the weather is pretty awful and we seem to have no seasons any more.

“It’s the rockets, you know, that are going up and breaking up the atmosphere”

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