Wednesday 8th August

The first customer that came in this morning to pay her council tax said she had been to the doctor’s surgery for an 8 o’clock appointment.

I said “Did you go to the docs first to see if it was worth bothering to pay the council tax?

She was okay with that.

Another one of our lovely customers came in and told me she had been to the dentist and needed a new palate.

Her current palate was fitted 25 years ago and cost her £200 so she asked me “how much do you think the new one costs?”  

“£500” I replied.

“£650 is the price but as a good customer (?) I can have a discount price. I told the dentist that is fine as long as don’t have mouth like a horse when they are fitted”.

There was a tight squeeze outside in Brook Street when a couple of large vehicles met head on.


Mind my car!

A large DHL lorry parked outside and four blokes and a wheelbarrow positioned themselves at the rear. I wondered what was going to be offloaded that needed such an entourage.


One large box was the outcome, how disappointing!

A chap came in and wanted a packet of envelopes.

He asked “Can I have a packet of cheap and nasty envelopes please?” 

My other half replied “Sorry sir, but we do not sell anything cheap and nasty in our shop”.

He did buy a nice packet of self-seal envelopes.

While I glancing at the Olympics between customers a chap explained why the Brits had done well in the cycling.

According to a French newspaper it is because we have round wheels!

Sweet of the week is Clarnico Mint Creams.

Many customers love these but I find them a bit like eating sugar lumps.

I was interested why they have the Clarnico prefix so I googled it to find out and found out some interesting stuff.


Founded by business partners Clarke, Nickolls and Coombes (Clar-ni-co) in Hackney in 1872 and now part of the Trebor Bassett empire which is in turn owned by Cadbury Schweppes.



This brand is best known to us for their very special peppermint creams.

A pure white crystallised outer coats a smooth peppermint fondant – delicious!

Clarke, Nickolls & Coombs, confectionery and jam makers established in 1872, were at Hackney Wick by 1879 and on both sides of Wallis Road by 1910, when they had also spread south of the G.E.R. line and to the previously underdeveloped east bank of the Hackney cut in both Hackney and Bow. The company, probably the district’s leading employer, was one of the first to introduce profit sharing in 1890, acquired a convalescent home at Clacton (Essex), and formed many social clubs. It was registered as Clarnico in 1946 and described as having been the country’s largest confectioners in 1948, when war damage had led to plans for a factory in Waterden Road. Clarnico moved to Waterden Road c. 1955 and, as Trebor Sharps, left Hackney c. 1975.

Also on the Google search I found this site

Have a look around the site lots of interesting stuff  ..Look at the computer pub…a Tomorrows World program from 1965.

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