Thursday 9th August


A few of this morning’s customers had dropsy.

Two people with walking sticks put them down and then they (the sticks not the customers) fell over.

One lady said “I need to buy some glue so I can stick it to me to stop it falling down”.

As I picked up the walking aid I said to her “Where would you like me to stick it?”

The weather was a lot better today so it was a day for hanging the postcards on the door.


At least three people came into the shop and asked “Do you have any postcards?”

“Yes, on the door you have just walked past” I responded in a polite manner.

During the afternoon a daily regular of post stopped for a chat with my other half and they started to talk about what young children innocently say and he related a story about a child at speech day being asked if he knew where this particular lady was.

He only repeated what he had heard and said “She’s the bitch over there” just as it went quiet so everyone caught what he had said.

The story then moved on to an irate parent who stormed into the headmaster’s office over a pencil that had been stolen from his son.

The head tried to pacify him by saying “The matter has been resolved and the 9 pence pencil has been returned so that is the end of the matter”.

The father was still not happy “I want the boy to be expelled as it’s the principle of the matter. It might only be a 9 pence pencil and  I get those from work anyway”.

The sun was shining eventually this afternoon so my only view of the street was this.


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