Friday 10th August


It was a day at the cricket for me today.

As it rained for almost the first two days of the four day match it was unlikely that there would be a positive result for either side but the chance of a day in the sun with a pint or two is still very appealing.

The crowd was not large but it was good to have space in the stand and to be able to wander around the ground and view the game from different vantage points.

I was behind the bowlers arm as Graeme Swann the England spinner as he was bowling. You would pay lots of money for that position at a test match.

One of the hardest things to do at the cricket is to decide when to start your sandwiches.

You don’t want to be first but when you know they are there in your bag and you are peckish it is very hard to resist.

A chap closest to me (3 seats away) had a pastie at 12:18 and the chap in the hat (later..) opened his cheese and onion sandwich at 12:24.

So at 12:28 I opened up my eggy weggy sandwich.

It was supposed to be a tuna mayo sandwich but when I went to get out the tin opener it was in the dishwasher being cleaned so I had to swap to eggs.

It’s good to watch and listen to the spectators at the cricket and that gives you nearly as much entertainment as the game itself.

On a red hot day like today there is a wide range of headgear to protect foreheads and noses from the sun.

I’m not a fan of baseball caps and not sure of beanie hats but the Panama does look classy.


The game dwindled to the expected draw and as I left before the end of the match I snapped this chappy who had just had too much excitement.


Last night we had the Bampton Twinning Association Annual General Meeting and I was retained as Secretary along with a new post of publicity officer so look out for some mentions of the twinning activities in future blogs.

One date for public consumption is September 22nd when we have a fundraising event – Camel Racing – so watch this space.

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