Saturday 11th August


Saturday was a busy day, especially after we closed!

It was a warm start to the day and this generated a proliferation of men in shorts.

The first customer was very bright and flowery!


There was then a steady procession of chaps showing off their calves, both in the shop and passing by in the street.



One chap, in jeans not shorts could not get his wallet out of his back pocket so he asked me to assist by removing it for him.

It took a couple of minutes of pulling and tugging before I extracted the offending wallet.

All part of the service!

Pete the Postie ,


in shorts, brought me in an interesting parcel which turned out to be a book that I had won by entering the crossword competition in last Sundays Racing Post.


You have to be in it to win it.

After we closed we had a table booked at the Toucan for lunch as we had been given a voucher for a present by one of our friends.

The hubby of one of the owners had been called up at late notice to help serve.


He had hoped to have gone fishing but ended up being a kitchen assistant and waiter (in shorts).

I then shot off to watch Tiverton Town play a friendly football match against Weymouth. I had a major shock as I forgot my phone.

I had to go 160 minutes without my phone – no email, no tweets, no football score updates. It also meant I couldn’t take more pictures of men in shorts.

I was also planning to take a photo of Ladysmead stadium so I could let you compare it against the last two football stadiums I visited – Wembley and Nou Camp – Tivvy have a lot to do!

When I returned from the football (nil-nil) I was reunited with my iPhone and life as we know it continued.

A few minutes rest before going out to the Bampton Players annual BBQ.

So armed with a pear & ginger Pavlova, a bottle of white wine, a bottle of beer and a couple of fold up chairs we set off along Frog Street to find the BBQ hosts.

The tables and chairs were set out in the garden and as we mingled and drank we were keeping an eye on the black clouds that were looming in the distance.

We all started on the bangers and burgers, continuing as the rain came down in typical Team GB tradition.


Having drunk my bottle of beer it was what to drink next.


But no, someone insisted I tried a glass of some local (7%) cider which was very nice so I had many glasses.

The showers of rain did not deter us and people drifted off from the BBQ about 10 o’clock.

A few of us headed off to the Swan for a nightcap (or three) so I was back on the beer, Ginger Cockney.


A couple of the customers were even still their shorts at that time of night.

At one point I turned around and the whole group of about 12 people had temporarily vacated their table.


They all had gone outside for a ciggy!

Home by midnight and too late to do the blog.

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