Monday 13th August


What a first class service!

This card was posted in Cardiff on Friday in a gold painted post box.Image

The post box was painted to celebrate Geraint Thomas and teammates in the men’s pursuit

The postcard was delivered to Bampton on Monday morning.


The big event is now over.

After many days of blood, sweat and tears from the competitors and hours glued to the TV by the spectators all good things have to come to a teary conclusion.

Yes, Big Brother 2012 has finished.

One of older lady customers was in this morning and was in discussion with my other half about the lack of sympathy shown by men to their ladies when they are ill. 

She said she liked a hug at which point I interjected and said “Did you say you wanted me to give you a hug”.

She replied “You might get more than a hug!”

At this point someone in the queue behind made a comment and she was taken aback as she thought no one else was in the shop.

When questioned whether she was concerned that he had heard what she had said she replied “Do I look worried”….my other half said “Don’t you mean, Am I bovvered?”

One of our customers came in this afternoon and spoke about his time as an unpaid helper at the Olympics.

He had been working at the Excel for the past fortnight doing all sorts of jobs.

I did not catch everything he was saying to my other half but he really enjoyed the experience even though was unpaid and endured long days, sometimes from 4am to 6pm.

Via Twitter I got a link to new website set up by Giles Harvey, local boy made good, and on investigation found one of his offerings starring a couple of youngsters who attend my other half’s drama club.

Have a watch at these stars in the making.

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