Wednesday 15th August


What another blooming awful morning it was today.

It chucked it down until lunchtime and I really wonder why people bother to struggle out in the rain when the forecast was for a nice afternoon – habit, it must be.

Well it really was brolly day today.

There were all shapes and sizes passing by.



Did you spot the Radley umbrella amongst the more common ones?

We had one customer who was house trained.


He left his wellies on the step.

It’s great that at least one in a hundred muddy footed people think about not making a mess for me to clean up.

The mystery tour bus left in the rain at 11 o’clock.


I hope they went east to meet the finer weather but the destination is still a secret that might be revealed tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Wednesday 15th August

  1. Kathryn benton says:

    Who owns the radley brolly?(sorry umbrella!)

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