Thursday 16th August

A 46 year old chap came in and somehow during conversation managed to say that when his daughter was 12 years old she said to him, as he was driving along, “Dad, can I ask to a personal question?

Oh dear, he thought, it’s that age when the embarrassing questions start.

Being brave he said “Yes, ask away”.

“Dad, what colour did your hair used to be as I only remember it only been grey?”

“It used to be brown” he replied.

“I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to go back to brown dad” she then said.

He hasn’t taken the subtle hint.

It was another day of customers trying to make me queasy.

One elderly lady came in and spoke how she had suddenly passed out for no reason a few times recently.

My other half kept her talking.

I was worried about the increased chance of having to pick her off the floor the longer they spoke!

Another customer came in with bandages on her arm and explained she had slipped on some steps and had scraped the skin off her arm and wrist earlier in the day.

Then to cap it all a lady came in with her wrist and hand bandaged hand and my other half just had to ask what happened. I tried not to listen to the gory details of the operation.

I had to put this advert in the window today.


It’s sad as I know that this used to belong to Sparky.

It looks like Bampton will have a busy weekend as the wine deliveries came today and recycling will be collecting on Monday morning.


A visitor came in and asked if we did the National Lottery.

I replied “Sorry, we don’t, you will have to go to Spar to do that.”

After they had left the shop I thought “Hope you don’t win as it probably means I haven’t”.

It threw it down late in the day (as well as early in the day!) and I spotted this person trying to put a brolly up before she left the car.


It was so bad even the DRY CLEANING delivery man got WET.

Yesterday’s mystery tour ended up in Lyme Regis.

The driver tried to put them off the scent by going to Taunton first and the passengers all thought they were heading for Weymouth

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