Friday 17th August


I had a strange phone call today.

The caller asked “Will you accept a special delivery c/o (care of) please as I have heard that some post offices do”.

“Yes I replied” being confused about what she wanted.

“I have to send a fancy dress costume to someone at Butlins (Minehead) and do not trust sending it to Butlins itself”.

“Where are you and where is the customer “I asked.

“I am in Rotherham and the customer is in Minehead”

I asked “Why do you want to deliver to Bampton when we are over 45 mins away from Butlins”

“Oh, I thought you were near to Butlins, Is there a post Office  in Minehead?”

“I would think so “

“Goodbye” she said.

Another customer came in today with a reason for the bad weather (it did lash it down again this morning).

“It’s the Russians, they keep sending stuff up there”.

He wasn’t the first with this prognosis.

A local lady worker came in later in the day in a bit of a flap.

She could not remember where she had parked her car.

She found it

I was looking at the ‘stats’ on my blog and was amazed how many readers there are from different countries of the world.

Look at the map for the coverage, the orangy bits.


Outside the UK the countries include (figures in brackets shows the number of reads)

Turkey(202), Portugal(34), USA(28), Australia(17), Canada(9), Spain(9), France(8), Germany(7), India(7), Ireland(7), Philippines(4), Italy(4), Croatia(3), Russian Federation(3), Czech Republic(2),  Switzerland(2), Brazil(2), Slovenia(2), Republic of Korea(2), South Africa(1), Indonesia(1), Pakistan(1), Columbia(1), Serbia(1), Hong Kong(1), Viet Nam(1), Bangladesh(1), Poland(1), Netherlands(1), Algeria(1), New Zealand(1), Lebanon(1)

 Who are you all?

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2 Responses to Friday 17th August

  1. devonfinefibres says:

    Bruce – I’ve got 2 regular readers in Nepal. Yak hair producers I wonder? 202 in Turkey is a weird one. Bampton ex-pats perhaps?

    • Bruce says:

      Some very good friends of our spend a lot of time in their house in Turkey. We are going to visit them in October.

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